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Real Estate Industry Solutions

Our Solutions for Real Estate reduce costs, makes your real estate company more efficient, and ensures you and your customers always have access to required data

Real estate is a very competitive and complex selling environment, having lots of stages in the sales and closing process while many entities are involved in each transaction. Beginning from the online multi-list through to the closing, agents need to rely heavily on the technology that underpins the industry. No agency can afford a failed technology.

Always in the forefront of your real estate business is the security and accessibility of your agency’s real estate documents, but maintaining an in-house IT department or outsourcing to cloud-based “secure” servers is costly  making your own books show a loss in revenue. This isn’t the field of expertise of the agency. Some secure cloud servers fail to provide fast and reliable customer service. Your Agents need to be on the move, be prompt at closing sales and move properties from one owner to another without delays resulting from technology. COBAIT understands the extent and need of the real estate industry to rely on technology for maximum productivity and is experienced in efficient ways of managing the real estate industry infrastructure.

COBAIT has worked together with many Real Estate businesses. We mutually understand what our Real Estate clients’ needs are, and have put the benefits of real-time assistance and advanced security and storage management right at their fingertips.

COBAIT Solutions for rea estate

COBAIT can help you by addressing the following:

  1. 24/7 web listing requirements
  2. Document storage and management: Storing documents on Google Drive or Dropbox can present serious security concerns. COBAIT can also easily help with the storing, importing and managing of property images.
  3. Multiple branches and sources of communication: COBAIT has simplified the complex support issues which results due to layers of connectivity.
  4. Software upgrades and regulations: The need to upgrade to existing software or the implementation of new software arises to accommodate a system rolled out by local board of realtors. It is difficult for busy agents to focus on these things, but failure to do leaves the system vulnerable to Cyber threats. COBAIT keeps on top of these requirements.
  5. Miscellaneous issues: We have helped our clients with Outlook set-up, mailing list management, wireless connectivity, hardware and software support and integration. COBAIT’s team of experts has been providing all the help related to this.
  6. Employee turnover: Agencies often face high employee turnover. Expansion of the sales team, addition of more agents and brokers lead to a steep hike in technology costs. We have been offering flexibility that is needed in the IT infrastructure to suit changing of these numbers.
  7. Software upgrades and regulations: When a local board of realtors mandates that a new system be implemented, we have installed new programs and carried out upgrades to existing ones.
  8. Monitoring: The only way to avoid breakdowns and security breaches is 24/7 monitoring. This is difficult for Real Estate agencies to carry out. Apart from 24/7 labor, the investment in advanced and sophisticated software and hardware is high. This is where we make it affordable for you.

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COBAIT provides Real Estate firms with a team of experts – updated and reliable professionals who will monitor your systems 24/7 and remain accessible anytime, from anywhere. COBAIT’s proactive solutions also keeps Real Estate Business systems secure.

When you have that kind of peace of mind you can focus on your core business.

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