IT Solutions for Law Firms

Legal professionals need maximum flexibility without compromising security or speed given the numerous business applications and access options. COBAIT has been a source of legal IT support for many law firms in the USA for two decades now. We understand the unique requirements of each firm. Our IT Solutions for Law Firms include consultancy and tech support that has been meeting our clients’ unique practice needs, rather than requiring legal professionals to adapt to our offers.

Regardless of whether it involves a traditional on-site server management or a highly secure state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, or a combination of both — we have the expertise and resources to provide reliable, efficient, cost effective, and responsive solution regardless of where the applications and data reside.

We have been thriving as a partner rather than a vendor in providing our technology services and solutions to law firms. We believe in building true collaborative partnerships with our clients.

Legal Application Expertise

COBAIT thoroughly understands the line-of-business applications that are crucial to the ongoing success of law firms. Along with other services, we make sure that proper connectivity and reliable backups are maintained so legal practitioners can focus on their clients and cases without any interruption or delay.

Additional Features

  • Private or public cloud, hybrid, or on-premise support
  • PCI compliant data center for secure storage of all data, including e-mail and apps
  • Data backup for disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Data encryption across all devices and applications
  • The most advanced and updated security tools and practices
  • Two-factor authentication to ensure secure logins
  • E-mail archiving and mobile device management
  • Redundant and reliable network access

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    How We Support Law Firms

    24x7 Support

    24×7 Support

    Our engineers remain proactively engaged to prevent any issue. However, if you face any problem, our reliable professionals will respond immediately and solve the the issue regardless of the time of the day



    As trusted tech partners, we have been implementing innovation and integrity in each and every interaction. We  understand what drives the legal business and will work closely with you to ensure that the benefits of your IT investment is maximized.

    PCI Compliance

    PCI Compliant Data Center

    A critical compliance standard demonstrating our commitment to protecting client financial information when processing credit card transactions.

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