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Healthcare IT Services and the BizTRAQ Solution!

Why Medical Companies Need Healthcare IT Solutions and Support

Healthcare IT Services, Solutions and Support – Managing data across stand-alone EHRs is becoming increasingly complex as the healthcare industries experience substantial growth. As isolated and rigid legacy systems are exceptionally fragmented and complex to control and monitor – they are harder to support and drive value. Healthcare industries need to be able to manage the growing risk efficiently while ensuring HIPAA compliance at all times.

Why Choose COBAIT for Healthcare IT Services?

Our vast range of clients in healthcare include individual doctors, tissue and blood processing organizations, rural medical centers, full-service and large hospitals, and clinics located in multi locations. We provide them services that include but not limited to strategic planning, migrations, system integrations. Our IT services enables our clients in the healthcare industries to free up their staff to focus on patient and client needs.

For over two decades we have been providing Healthcare IT Support:

  • Help Desks, located in regions across the US
  • We capitalize on a consumption-based pricing model to deliver end-to-end IT services which enables the elimination of massive capital investments, so you can drive better ROI.
  • SLAs that are custom designed to the objectives and needs of our client organizations.

Our ‘one-stop’ healthcare IT solution includes:

  • HIPAA-compliant healthcare information technology solutions
  • On-site staff
  • Trouble ticket processing
  • 24/7 help desk
  • Server, network and application support
  • Professional services
  • Hosted communication services
  • Remote and collocated infrastructure
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery platforms

Our scope of Healthcare IT/Medical IT is not limited to:

  • Systems monitoring and security
  • 24/7 support
  • Service desk and infrastructure management
  • Rebadging offers to COBAIT’s on-site IT staff

Healthcare Process Transformation

BizTRAQ for Health Care is designed to provide the ability to manage and monitor the health of your business in real-tiime!

Results in making informed decisions regarding costs and efficiencies especially when regulation and demand for services are increasing and reimbursement is diminishing.

Control costs, maximize investments and improve the efficiency of available resources.

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Get in Touch for an expert IT consultation

    Our team of dedicated expert IT professionals will assess your entire IT infrastructure, critical IT performance indicators, policies and processes that support the overall IT strategy.

    We are critical in addressing Cybersecurity initiatives, allowing healthcare industries to be better prepared for threats at all times. We continue to become an integrated part of many healthcare industries.

    How COBAIT is Helping Partners with HIPAA Compliance

    With a comprehensive HIPAA compliance product and solution, COBAIT’s services and BizTRAQ software deliver end-to-end compliance package for Practices, Emergency Rooms, Hospitals, and Healthcare organizations. Look for the HIPAA Aware Seal


    COBAIT's IT solution and Business Management Software BizTRAQ is one of the HIPAA Compliance Companies providing hipaa compliant backup software

    BizTRAQ EHR HIPAA compliant business management software solution and business management software tool

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