Implement the most reliable IT infrastructure for your oil, gas, or chemical industry: Our dedicated team of tech experts are highly experienced in implementing and managing the IT infrastructure of oil, gas, chemical industries and in providing Energy Sector IT Support. We have hard hats for any condition! Located in Houston for over two decades, COBAIT has seen the highs and lows in the oil patch. Competition is fierce.  Investing on poor technology comes with a price. Regardless of your industry, you need an experienced technology partner who can analyze your business and match solutions to meet your specific business needs.

COBAIT is experienced and seasoned with documented processes and procedures. We have experience implementing large cloud infrastructures. This is crucial for businesses that cannot afford down times. Large cloud infrastructure services are idea for situations where servers require to accommodate rapid expansion or quick downsize.

System security, backup and business continuity

Security is a critical component of a tech infrastructure plan that too often is downplayed or even overlooked. COBAIT provides the most advanced and specialized tools to protect your system from intrusion attempts and cyber threats. It could be attackers maliciously trying to hack your system or staffs unintentionally inviting them in, your business needs protection. This is where COBAIT comes in with our years of winning expertise dealing with cyber threats.

As part of the technology service array, COBAIT has been providing enterprise class devices, network, applications and backup that are “must have” security components. Our engineers are trained extensively and constantly updated on these tools, ensuring enhanced and reliable prevention of any system compromise.

Our sophisticated backup and disaster recovery system enable any compromise to be neutralized by rolling back to a prior backup instance before any attack. Your workforce can continue to operate with barely any knowledge of an attempted attack. With this in place, even if disaster strikes, COBAIT can have your system up and running in the cloud with minimum delay. Given how much any downtime can cost, such systems have saved many businesses.

COBAIT has upgraded and modernized many poorly managed server infrastructures that crashed within days. Such crashes occurred before orders could be placed for replacement servers, let alone received. However, COBAIT gets the backup and disaster recovery (BDR) rolling as soon as we partner up with a new client to ensure that our clients never experience down time despite server failures.

Energy Sector IT Support for your Business

COBAIT has been the professional IT department working with clients over the long term to assist in making every investment on technology contribute to our clients’ bottom line business. This kind of collaboration and partnership has helped businesses stay competitive and strong. While the oil and gas industry can be extremely lucrative, there is a fierce competition which increases the risk. Regardless of times, wise technology decisions can play a significant part in winning. Building a partnership with COBAIT is a winning solution!

Energy sector IT support by BizTRAQ and COBAIT

Your company’s growth, budget, acquisition, and leverage effects your investment on technology. Our consultants understand the reasons that make a technology solution the perfect solution for your business at various stages. COBAIT will work as your partner in formulating a system that will match your company’s needs and goals.

While we are expanding globally, all our operations have been Houston based for over two decades now. We have witnessed the wild financial swings. COBAIT hence can be one of your best partners. We have been implementing the best Energy Sector IT support and infrastructures and providing the best solutions to match client business needs. We match our clients’ business growth and financial goals with their investments on technology.

To ensure that our clients’ business needs are met, we will consult with you regarding your Energy Sector IT support projected needs. Our business consultants who have a thorough understanding of technology will focus on your business needs to suggest the “best fit” energy sector IT support and solution. The perfect solution is more than just a technology solution.

We also provide business continuity, meaning you can continue to work without interruption despite any disaster,  in addition to backup and disaster recovery. While backup protects your data, continuity is what allows workforce to continue business operations. COBAIT’s solutions allow you, if needed, to switch either to a device that is onsite or a replica of your system residing in the cloud. Regardless of the situation, your business operations can continue without interruption.

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