Food and Retail

Retail Technology Solutions – Specialty Chefs for Your Technical Infrastructure – 

While your team works their magic in the kitchen, the COBAIT team brings advanced technology to support the infrastructure of food companies. COBAIT accomplishes excellence in technology with experienced on-site engineers along with 24×7 remote monitoring and Helpdesk services. We bring our playbook based on years of experience working with food industries, but tailored to your specific requirements and environment. Our team of dedicated and professionally certified engineers can provide the following:

  • Emergency services and problem resolution
  • 24×7 remote monitoring, alert and documentation systems
  • Implementation of information protection and security
  • Management of backup and disaster recovery processes
  • Evaluation and migration to cloud technology options
  • Maintenance of server, network, mobile, and cloud
  • Application of necessary patches and upgrades
  • Assessment and periodic audits of IT systems and issues
  • Management of vendor relationships which include RFPs and negotiation
  • Development of a strategic technology plan to support future growth

We tap into the same level of expertise that we provide to large companies!

Managed Services or Technology Consultation 

Our team of experts can work on a project basis to solve a specific issue or provide managed services and ongoing support of your technology.

COBAIT’s experience in the food industry vertical includes manufacturers, food distributors, and food service table. Regardless of your role in putting food on our tables, we have been providing the technology needed to deliver the meal!

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    Food and Retail

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