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IT Services and Solutions for the Service industry : Bring Fortune 500 experience to your business

The service industry is challenged to sell a product that is intangible, difficult to quantify and is ever-changing. Return on investment depends on the correct and timely estimation of projects, while meeting client requirements. All successful companies practice comprehensive and strategic financial, project, and resource management. They accomplish this with an IT infrastructure that allows their people to collaborate and share data and work together to make decisions.

Reduce costs while creating an unforgettable customer experience

Our offered solutions for the Services industry helped modernize the workplace. Efficient management of distributed systems radically improved the services provided to customers. Our Services Industry clients have been maximizing their ROI—with a low cost of ownership and rapid time to value.

We helped our clients reach their goals by implementing solutions that assisted in distributed workforce, information and project management as the strategic foundation of their business success. Manage both your workforce and projects in the most efficient, reliable and effective manner. With our services and solutions you can

  • Maximize billable hours and your return on investment
  • Integrate solutions to endure maximum productivity
  • Eliminate redundant and re-keying of information
  • Enable informed business decisions by making insights to measure profitability available to management
  • Radically improve business management
  • Drive operational excellence

With COBAIT’s services, solutions and no-cost consultancy, you will be able to manage all of your business aspects – customer relationships, projects, processes and financials. Streamline your operations, improve interactionw with your customers and make fast and smart decisions.

  • Track customer interactions across multiple communication channels
  • Be highly responsive by improving business processes – automated escalations, routing, approvals, notifications and more
  • Improve communications with your clients through document sharing and safe web interaction facilities
Our Solutions cover wide range of services industries that are not limited to
  • Information Technology Services
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Consulting and Research firms
  • Marketing/PR/Advertising
  • Professional Services Divisions/Accounting/Legal (Law) firms
  • Subscription services


If you are ready to pave your way to innovation, we have the professionals, expertise, experience and solutions to make it happen!


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