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Revolutionizing the digital marketplace, BizTRAQ is an intuitive, scalable, and configurable Business Management Software that allows companies to streamline their business practices in real time by gaining transparency, efficiency, and security!

Through its cloud-based web application and Mobile App, BizTRAQ connects your workforce, clients, vendors, and partners by fueling commerce and expediting revenue generation operations. Share content internally and externally and start making decisions that have a positive impact on your cash flow!

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BizTRAQ helps your company by:

  • BizTRAQ is a digital platform that allows companies to streamline their business processes in real time by gaining transparency, efficiency, and security
  • “Single point of truth” for key data, such as Contacts, Records, & Documents.
  • Paperless operations thru the utilization of electronic business records, (“EBR”), connects your workforce, clients, vendors and partners remotely, anytime, anywhere
  • With a comprehensive HIPAA compliance product and solution, COBAIT’s services and BizTRAQ software deliver end-to-end compliance package for Emergency Rooms, Hospitals, and Healthcare organizations
  • For fuel distribution providers, full jobber functions, with any and all c-stores, retail outlets for real order management and transaction processing.
  • Full Sales Capture Lifecycle management; providing management and monitoring of opportunity from lead generations to closing
  • Contract / Document management, ability to store, send, execute documents internally or externally.
  • Directly reduce costs of storage, unnecessary software licenses, real time connectivity, and through the transformation to a digital platform.

BizTRAQ meets the following organizational challenges

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Why BizTRAQ...

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The latest version of BizTRAQ is 1.3

Business IT solutions, IT managed services by COBAIT and BizTRAQ

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    COBAIT's IT solution and Business Management Software BizTRAQ is one of the HIPAA Compliance Companies providing hipaa compliant backup software

    We will continue to add new enhancements and features to the product and will make them available automatically to our BizTRAQ community. However, in the meantime, please schedule a time with one of our team member who will be more than happy to provide you with a complete product tour.

    Phone: 713-400-9900

    Email: info@cobait.com

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