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About Us

We are the most reliable Managed IT Services company providing Technology Consultancy, Solutions and Products

Leading Managed IT Services company in Houston, COBAIT has been delivering and expanding advanced technology solutions for over 22 years

Our mission is to help companies keep focused on their core business by providing complete Technology, IT and Development services that support the business. 

Technology Management Consultancy, Solutions and Managed IT Services company headquartered in Houston, COBAIT boasts a global presence with offices and resources in USA, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

COBAIT is strongly positioned to provide businesses and organizations with purpose-built software products and tailored management solutions.

With our combined experience from Fortune 500 companies and vertical specific advisors, we partner with global organizations and execute on complex initiatives in a cost-effective manner.

COBAIT’s expansion into Asia to serve the US and EMEA markets is a testament to our sustainability and our strength as an organization, growing our business footprint while delivering on our strategic vision of strong global presence with quality products, services and solutions.

What our clients have to say
Leading Information Technology Company in Houston

We Take Away the Pain of Technology!

We at COBAIT help our partners by taking away the pain of technology and cutting down on the cost of hiring their own staff. We become your IT department!

COBAIT has been building relationships and solutions that last, serving an impressive list of long-term clients with experience and expertise in multiple industries.

As a diversified information technology company, design-built and general consultancy firm, COBAIT is recognized as the leading technology and Business IT services company

As the leading managed IT services company in houston, Texas, COBAIT takes away the pain of technology

With over 20 years of experience, COBAIT provides End to End Technology and IT Services in Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Fuels Distribution, Food Industry and other verticals including Small to Medium sized businesses.

Being the leading IT services company in Houston and worldwide, we help businesses focus on their core competencies – leaving the IT Strategy and Management to us.

With our combined executive experience from fortune 500 companies and advisers from each specific industry, we are positioned to provide businesses the best quality of services and experience at an affordable costs.

The Best Information Technology Company

High Performance Services and Solutions For Wide Range of Businesses!

COBAIT has been built on technical excellence crafted through unstinted dedication to quality, innovation and a constant objective to serve the US market & expanding fast globally.

We take very seriously our role to continually improve our IT and technology services and solutions that underpins our customer industries to help them get the most value out of their IT investment.

We have consistently helped customers drive their business towards success by helping them improve their processes and efficiencies, managing risks and reducing costs.

Our customers can expect absolute commitment from us as a trusted partner to achieve superior value, make smart and wise choices and balance technology and pragmatism.

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