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Secure cloud hosting & cloud solutions

COBAIT offers secure cloud hosting & cloud solutions that can be rapidly implemented without any disruption to your business. Ultimately, COBAIT provides you with better performance, expert IT hosting & cloud support, and guaranteed system security.

Between the time and labor associated with initial implementation of an in-house hosting solution for your business, the right solution easily becomes quite costly. Additionally, the development, configuration and maintenance expenditure of a system is a recurring one. As technology continually improves, the necessary upgrades to keep your business functioning at peak efficiency is costly.

COBAIT offers its customers reliable business hosting solutions and knowledgeable team of experts at a reasonable cost, allowing you to focus on your business.

Contact COBAIT today to learn how our IT hosting services can free you from the burdens of IT.

IT cloud service by COBAIT

COBAIT’s business services & cloud hosting offers:

cloud hosting by COBAIT and BizTRAQ

Seamless connectivity

Simple, uninterrupted access between your employees and all necessary applications

24/7 IT support by COBAIT and BizTRAQ

Server support

24/7 Management and monitoring of your network, hardware, workstations, printers and servers.

cloud hosting

Private Cloud

Your own private cloud infrastructure, avoiding shared servers

- COBAIT | Expert Managed IT Services | IT Solutions

Dedicated servers  

A secure, highly-accessible data center with multiple servers

Technology support by COBAIT

Unlimited tech support 

Desktop and laptop support for both Macs and PCs

- COBAIT | Expert Managed IT Services | IT Solutions

Fixed monthly expenses 

All services offered for one low monthly rate

COBAIT's Business Class File Sync Solution:
Secure File Accessibility For Multiple Users

COBAIT is a comprehensive IT services and solutions provider, providing full range of services in the sphere of Information Technology in the US and expanding globally.

As the world evolves at a rapid pace, businesses must adapt to keep up. One area where change is especially critical is data security, as cyber attacks and threats continue to pose a significant risk. However, companies that are open to innovation and progress are prospering, delivering more robust and efficient services and solutions than ever before. By utilizing cloud hosting, you can lead the charge towards a more secure and streamlined future. We’re here to support you in building upon your past achievements and preparing for whatever comes next.

Access Files from anywhere

Collaborate with Ease

Share files securely

Control your Data

Eliminate FTP and VPN

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