Our Security and Compliance approach comes from Business Continuity, Security Controls and Administrative Controls which structured together protects businesses during from potential threats and remain unaffected during a crisis

Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance in your Industry

Security in modern technology requires a multilayer methodology to ensure proper protection from a variety of risks. COBAIT’s approach to Security and Compliance comes from: Business Continuity, Security Controls and Administrative Controls. These components structured together protect your business from potential threats and we build the foundation for our clients to remain unaffected in a crisis.

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Security Controls

Logical & Physical security, Management and monitoring of risks within your organization alongside our proven methods.

Administrative Controls

We’ve developed policies and procedures applicable to any business, provide security audits & assessments, and will even train your staff on security.

Business Continuity

We work with you to develop a plan of action for disasters. You’ll be prepared before the worst case scenario takes place.

COBAIT has developed Security Solutions for a variety of industries, not limited to HIPAA & PCI compliance. Our process keeps data and network security a priority. We put procedures in place to reduce risks associated with potential data breaches, data loss, and a variety of malicious threats. We work with you to ensure your data, your client data, and your business all have the proper safeguards in place.

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