Scalable & Customizable Business Management Software to Streamline Business Processes

All Your Business In One Application

Connect your workforce, your clients, vendors and partners remotely, anytime, anywhere

BizTRAQ is a single solution for all your business needs. Custom modules can be enabled for your specific business needs without any development

Custom Modules for Your Specific Business Needs


Never miss out on issues and tasks within your organization.  Create tickets, assign tasks and manage and track your organization’s incidents, whether they are internal or for external vendors or clients.

Records & Contracts

Keep all your records and contracts along with their due dates and expiration dates. Whether you maintain licenses, permits, insurance, bills or any business related records, access them from anywhere and know when they are due or expire.


Keep track of all your contacts, assign them tasks and associate them with any record or document within the system.  Create and maintain business contacts, sales contacts, marketing contacts or any type of contact in one single application.

Assets & Inventory

Manage all your assets and create tickets based on the assets. Separate inventory categories allows organizations to maintain different inventories for internal and external use.


Project management is tough but it gets tougher when the tools are complicated.  BizTRAQ provides a project management tool that requires very little PM experience and yet extremely effective.

Develop Your Own Custom Modules


Compliance & Training

Whether it is HIPAA, PCI or any other compliance, BizTRAQ provides a comprehensive solution to maintain records, policies, procedures and training.  Track and manage your business and employee compliance in one single solution


Human Resources

Manage and maintain all your employee records electronically.  Employees can fill out paperwork remotely and employers can maintain all the employee records and data securely.


A simple yet comprehensive dashboard provides a birds eye view of your daily tasks, tickets, expiration, due dates, announcements and more

How COBAIT is Helping Partners with HIPAA Compliance

With a comprehensive HIPAA compliance product and solution, COBAIT’s services and BizTRAQ software deliver end-to-end compliance package for Practices, Emergency Rooms, Hospitals, and Healthcare organizations


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