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Leading Managed IT Service Provider

COBAIT expanded its footprint in Asia with the opening of a new office location in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company plans to expand its operations in the European and Asian markets with Bangladesh as their central office for the Eastern Hemisphere.

As a Managed IT Service Provider, we provide:

24/7 Business IT services and support, IT solutions and all-in-one Business Management Software. COBAIT excels in security with advanced services focusing in Cybersecurity, HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliance and audits. However, COBAIT has developed “Security Solutions” for a variety of industries, not limited to HIPAA, PCI and SOX compliances only.

Plans to develop operations in Dhaka were initiated by the growing demand for COBAIT’s expanded services, serving the US based clients as well as expansion of services and solutions in the Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific region. Bangladesh is the 3rd global location for the organization outside the United States.

Our POS-ERP Solution

COBAIT Bangladesh Ltd. brings its first off-the-shelf customizable POS-ERP to the market. Fast, cost-efficient and reliable – it will bring revolutionary changes to the way you run your retail business!

POS ERP resized
  • Robust
  • Customizable
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Accurate
  • Efficient

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