Access, Share and Manage your Systems and Data Securely

Intelligent Remote Office

Intelligent Remote Office

COBAIT Intelligent Remote office provides a business class solution for all of your remote access needs. We make sure that you can access, share, and manage your systems & data securely.

COBAIT is highly experienced in protecting an organization’s network and critical data. We achieve this through our highly trained, skilled and professional employees, our most advanced devices and applications and enterprise-grade secured network.

Our employees are constantly trained to keep up to date on the latest cyber scams. The number of phishing scams that have emerged to exploit the COVID-19 crisis is high. Hence we have placed higher importance than ever for remote employees to maintain high levels of awareness.

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The remote office infrastructure of COBAIT provides an incredibly versatile foundation to meet the IT needs of any company. We are also more reliable and efficient than the average on-premises data solution. Because of our intelligent monitoring, COBAIT’s facilities also make it possible for companies to go truly remote. This allows for focusing on other core business functions when it comes to technological services.

Due to direct cloud on-ramps and our versatile hybrid IT environments, we are able to maintain high levels of uptime making sure that your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

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