Delivering Compliance

Mitigate Risks to Your Healthcare Business*

Security Components


Covered Under

Physical Safeguards

  • ​​Your facility and other places where patient data is accessed
  • Computer equipment
  • Device security including portable devices

Managed Services

Administrative Safeguards

  • Designated security officer
  • Workforce training and oversight
  • Controlling information access
  • Periodic security assessment
Managed Services & HealthTRAQ

Technical Safeguards

  • Controls on access to EHR
  • Use of audit logs to monitor users and other EHR activities
  • Measure that keep electronic patient data from improper changes
  • Secure, authorized electronic exchanges of patient information
Managed Services & HealthTRAQ

Policies and Procedures

  • Written policies and procedures to assurre HIPAA security compliance
  • Security assessment and documentation
Managed Services & HealthTRAQ

Organizational Requirements

  • Business Associate Agreements
  • Breach notification and associated policies
* From The Office to the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology,


​​COBAIT provides all Managed Healthcare partners a HIPAA Aware Seal after successfully performing the yearly HIPAA Audits.

​What’s covered under the audit?  Click here for details.